ONE Bobby Backpack Yellow cHANGE YOUR LIFE

Ever had this uneasy feeling when you carry your bag that someone is going to steal you from the back? We are all familiar with this feeling and when you are a busy person on the go who travels often, unfortunately your ordinary bag or backpack won’t cover you against theft and losses. According to a british study, 400.000 pickpocketing incidents are reported per year and in some big cities like New York and London, pickpocketing numbers surpass 3.000 cases per month. 


But what if you had a backpack that is specially designed to prevent theft and keep your stuff in place and intact?


Bobby Backpack ( ) does that and even more. This one of a kind backpack features a special closure in the back and a heavy duty design that makes it nearly impossible for thieves to steal your belongings from the back, without you being aware of what happens. But this isn’t the only advantage you will get with the bag. Here is what you’ll get by purchasing this new revolutionary and ergonomic bag:


Anti-cut technology. Cuts and incisions won’t be able to tear your bag anymore, thanks to the cut resistant material used in the outside layer of the bag. We have put this to the test with a small knife and no cut was visible but of course you can test this yourself.


Water and anti-sweat technology.  Sweating and spilling water or liquids in your bag can sometimes be unavoidable. Instead of wondering about possible accidents and ruining your stuff, you can rest assured that your stuff stored inside will stay intact and that no liquid can penetrate inside. And even if it stays on top, you can simply wipe it off with a towel.


Anti-corrosion technology. No shock and corrosion will be enough to put your bag under stress and expose your belongings to damage. The heavy duty special layers of the bag that resist corrosion will leave everything in place no matter where you go. 

Balanced weight. Weight distribution problems are a thing of the past with the Bobby backpack as the bag equally distributes weight and decreases the strain over your shoulders by 25-30%. Say goodbye to shoulder pains because of your bag’s weight. The inside design of the bag with distributed pockets keeps everything separately so it doesn’t fall one one side. 


Attached USB port. Running out of battery can happen to anyone anytime and especially busy people on the go who don’t always have the time to charge their mobile devices. This best anti theft backpack though features a smart USB port you can attach to your mobile device so it gets charged. 


Multi-level storage. Messiness is quite common when you have an ordinary bag and finding it your keys, wallet, or mobile phone can be a real struggle. But thanks to the multi-level storage of the bag, you can store easily your keys, mobile phone, wallet, ipad, books, magazines and other items separately from each other. Everything will look nice and neat so you don’t waste time looking around. And for all professional camera users out there, yes the bag can accommodate securely your camera  as well. 


Elastic bandage. People who travel often have another reason to carry the bobby backpack with them. The bag features an elastic band on its back so you can attach it over your luggage back’s hand and carry both as you go. No need to spare an extra hand to carry it when you have this elastic bandage to release your hands. 


Multi-angle adjustments. The bag opens and stays put in various angles for ease of opening and storage. The angles you can open the bag are 30, 90 and 180 and you can adjust them in any flat surface you have easy access to.

bobby anti theft backpack
bobby anti theft backpack

Ηidden and card pockets. Hidden pockets inside and one the sides, like for example a built-in pocket for storing your credit card will keep your most valuable stuff easily accessible and safe. 


Illuminating lines. Sometimes, you need an extra sign of illumination to easily distinguish your bag at nighttime or in dim lighting. For this reason, the bag has an extra light in the dark line on its front so you can easily see and grab your bag.


Who is the bobby back pack yellow primrose for? 


If you want all the above features in a brigh-in fashion color that is vibrant and unisex get yourself a bobby backpack in yellow primrose color. We are sure many people will aks you where you have gotten this.